Connect Live 

Unmissable Events, Made Unmissable

Weazel is a new mobile app that harnesses the power of social media and combines it with state-of-the-art live streaming technology, giving users a unique and intimate inside look at venues around the world. With our fixed in-house cameras, users can enter a live, digital, global playground of venues and events at the click of a button. Bringing online social media communities into real-life venues and events, our strategy is to shift thinking on what an app can achieve by better connecting patrons with venues and content producers. Weazel empowers users to be better informed, better connected and stay one step ahead with pre-payment, access to deals and promotions, and real-time live viewing of venues around the world.

What We Do

the power of connection in your hands

Whether you are a venue looking to promote yourself, an artist wanting to share content in a more profitable way, or a consumer with a desire to discover a new world of entertainment, Weazel has you covered. Our innovative technology connects anyone with a new world of artists, venues and web media content. Users can follow and discover artists and venues or use the app to scope out new places. More importantly, they can use the app to pre-pay for food and drinks at venues and buy tickets, merchandise or subscribe to artist's content.